Strategic Partnerships for School Education-KA229 “NATURE AS TEACHER”



Nature As Teacher

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Nature As Teacher

Nature As Teacher

Nature As Teacher

Nature As Teacher

Nature As Teacher

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  • “NATURE AS TEACHER” 24 months +

    • Program: Erasmus+
    • Sub-program: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
    • Action: Strategic Partnerships for School Education-KA229
    • Application Time: March 2019
    • Project Time: September 2019-August 2021
    • Project Duration: 24 months
    • Participant Countries: Turkey, Estonia, Norway, Spain, UK.

    New innovative curricula educational methods/development of training courses
    Health and Wellbeing
    International cooperation/international relations/development cooperation


    1. 1. To enhance the experience, knowledge and competences of Kindergarten teachers to connect children with Nature via Outdoor Learning;
    2. 2. To improve children’s Health and Ecological Awareness through the variety of tasks carried out in the Nature;
    3. 3. To enable teachers to work in a mutual exchange with partner kindergartens’ teachers to gain new ideas, insights and experience in order to promote Nature Education across Europe.

    TARGET AUDIENCE: 2-7 year old children, kindergarten teachers, educators, and parents.


    • To equip teachers with knowledge and skills to connect children with nature in order to raise children’s awareness on the Circle of Life in the Nature and engage them in Nature-based Learning activities;
    • To strengthen the children’s speaking, listening and comprehension skills via using Story-telling and Drama techniques in the Nature;
    • To provide children with freedom to explore using multiple sense, confidence, physical and emotional resilience via plays and adventure in the Nature;
    • To develop children’s creative, imaginary, inspirational and cognitive skills in Maths, Art and Music using Nature as unlimited source;
    • To improve and develop together with all partners a long term strategic plan for Sustainable Nature Education;
    • To enable teachers to work in a mutual exchange with other kindergartens’ teachers to gain new ideas, insights, theories and methods across Europe;
    • To strengthen teachers’ skills and competences in communication, team-work, use of foreign language, problem-solving, use of ICT by encouraging them to be more open-minded and feeling themselves as part of the European Union.

    Brainstorming, Observation, Exploration, Learning by doing, Cooperation, Competition, Child-centered, Free-play, Guided-play, Story-telling, Drama, etc.

    • 4 Pre/Post Test for Children to be implemented after each activity;
    • 1 Pre/Post Survey for Teachers to be applied at the beginning and at the end of the project activities;
    • 1 Evaluation Questionnaire for Parents to be applied after the project activities have finished;
    • 5 Participant Evaluation Questionnaire for participants to be implemented after each Short-term joint staff training event.

    • Erasmus Corners at each school, Project Brochure, Poster, Roll-up, Leaflet, etc.
    • Project Web page, Facebook group, E-twinning Blog, Msn Group, Instagram.
    • 1 Activity & Crafts Pack for ‘Nature Education for Kids’ (also in digital form),
    • 1 Game File on ‘Life in the Forest’ (also in digital form),
    • 2021 Calendar,
    • 6 Train Garden Planters at partner school yards,
    • 6 Mini Greenhouses for Veggies and Fruits at partner school yards,
    • 6 Bee Hotels at partner school yards.

    • 5 short-term joint staff training events have been planned with the participation of 25 teachers/educators from 5 countries 6 educational institutions,
    • Each country will organize a different training event with different aims,
    • In each training, there will be experts with strong experience in the field of Nature Education for children,
    • During the trainings the participants will be equipped with related knowledge and competences required to implement the project activities simultaneously at their kindergartens during the following months,
    • After the trainings, the participants will be provided with 1) the Certificate of Attendance; 2) the Pre-Post Test to be applied with kids before and after the project activity; 3) the Participant Evaluation Questionnaire to give feedback about the training they have had,
    • There will be 2 parts in the trainings: Formal training (Workshop, Debate, etc) and Practical Training (Visiting kindergartens, Outdoor activities with kids, etc.)
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Phone: +47 99046866
Name: Kathrine Haugland